Top 3 Apps Right Now

Here are the Top 3 Apps on the Mac Market Place, as of right now, March 2014. The results of our search came up with the most downloaded apps that aren’t likely to jump out of the top ten anytime soon, so get to downloading when you can and join all your friends. You don’t want to be left behind while they are having fun!

Clash of Clans

You probably didn’t need to be told about this one topping the list, currently. Clash of Clans has such a large scale marketing campaign going on right now that their thumbnail of a yelling grunt with yellow hair screaming, sword in hand, is the most seen thing on your phone other than your home screen.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that pits you against other clans with their own individual villages. You have to build up your village, increase your military might, and take down other players for rewards. Rise in the ranks and you may be able to conquer the realm.

There are single and multi-player options in this game, so you don’t necessary have to play with others, but you would certainly be missing a large portion of the game by playing alone.

Candy Crush

Another obvious game, as you most likely already know someone who has it already. You are probably already stuck on a level throughout the different worlds that this game lets you play through. It is kind of like a candyland board game type environment that you are traversing stage to stage. The actual game play is the same as bejeweled or other such: you match colors to break the candies.

The visuals of this game, fun and endearing, are one of the main reasons for its success. Also, the sound effects can be both rewarding and infuriating – both pushing you to keep trying until you win or get completely candy stuck! Special striped candies can be made with a 5+ combo match which obliterate whole lines at once. It is oddly satisfying and addicting. This game is free to play and mostly single player, but you can purchase in game coins to buy power ups or your friends can give you extra lives and other such goodies.


It’s surprising that pandora is still top dog in the app store with services like spotify hedging in on the market, but it makes sense. Pandora is a great service that lets you make channels based on you favorite song or artist. Pandora then generates through its magical algorithms the songs it expects you to like. You may skip or thumbs up/down to make the channel personally yours. If you are getting bored of the music on your channel, you can add another artist to it or combine channels.

The only negative to this service are the ads. They pop-up after a few songs and you can’t mute them without pausing Pandora. Also, after continuously ignoring Pandora on your browser it will ask if you are still listening, which can interrupt a party mid-grind or thankfully shut it off if you fall asleep.

*Top 3 Apps chosen by the Highest Grossing Category*

13 Mar 2014

Main differences between Apple and PC

mac vs pc

So you want a desktop, and you know names like Apple and PC, but aren’t really familiar with them? Well, let’s run down the facts to help you decide the proper choice for you. We’ll skip the history here, and the advancements both have made through their existence. We’re going to focus on the current Apple versus the current PC.


In a nutshell: Apple is beloved for its user friendly software, simply elegant design, and immunity to common viruses. It’s extremely easy to pick up an Apple computer and just jump right in no matter what you need to do, whether it be video editing, writing, browsing the net, uploading pictures, etc etc… A lot of out of the box software pushes people to keep buying Apple. The one downside to Apple software is for gamers, where you’ll need to set-up complex partitions and other such things to play games that would work on a PC. Apple’s response has turned to the app market, where their phones and computers can enjoy apps and widgets, but for hardcore gamers this just doesn’t cut it. You won’t be able to play many console grade video games on an Apple.

The Visuals: The desktop environment is sleek and well maintained, but not terribly customizable (the one drawback). To match the actual workings of the computer, Apple hardware looks good with a simple white or grey design with rounded edges. It’s very pleasing to look at.


If you’re thinking of buying a new PC then you have to decide the level of time you want to commit to researching hardware. What’s important to you in the long run? You most likely want a computer with at least 200GB of Hard Drive (HD) space and 4-8GB of RAM. What will you be using this computer for? Should you buy a model with a pricey graphics card and CPU speed or compromise these aspects for better peripheral – such as a webcam, screen size, etc… There are a lot of questions when you’re thinking about buying a PC, but you can ignore them at your own risk. What I mean is that you can go and buy a floor model from your local tech shop and hope that what you want is coming in the box. Bottom line, when buying a PC it always benefits to be savvy to your needs at the components that you’re buying.

People who really care about the performance and customizable experience of the computer they purchase tend to buy PC’s over Apples. But, on the other hand, many consumers don’t want to spend the time researching or geeking out over hardware – they just want a functioning computer immediately without the headache, and that’s perfectly reasonable.


Really, different people are drawn to Apple and to PC. Artists and creatives like Apple for the built in software and ease of use, but hard core gamers and techy people love PCs for the utility and unlimited potential.

01 Feb 2014